Dover smART Charity Update June 2021

Old Dovorian Lodge No 5647

Summer 2021 Charity Update

As part of the Lodges on-going commitment to support and raise funds to support and install a new IT suite for the chosen charity as part of our Worshipful Master’s list during his master ship of the lodge.

I am pleased to confirm that we are now over half way to our target.

This has been archived, thus far with an initial donation from the Lodges Relief Chest of £1100.00.

In addition to this, the lodge made a successful application to “The Cornwallis East Kent Freemasons’ Charity”.

This charity was formed in 2014 by combining the East Kent Provincial Grand Master’s Charity with smaller funds into one body covering all charitable activities across the Province of East Kent.

The CEKFC was generously boosted by monies from the Cornwallis Memorial Fund representing the considerable confidence shown by its trustees.

The name of the charity recognises the fact that the First and Second Barons Cornwallis were Provincial Grand Masters in Kent (and later in East Kent) for a period of 75 years.

The Cornwallis East Kent Freemasons Charity (CEKFC) have very kindly and generously made a further contribution from the Trust’s funds of £1500.00.

This means that as to date the Old Dovorian Lodge has either donated or secured a total of £2600.00 towards the total of £4000, which is to be used to establish and supply IT equipment for the new IT suite at the Dover smART Project in Dover by the end of 2022.

This new sweet, together with the new IT equipment will not only help Dover smART’s clients, but also the dedicated volunteers who work tirelessly for this Dover based Charity

Thus far this £2600, contribution has helped to supply not only a new Apple iMac set up, along with the graphic pad.  which has not only enabled Dover smART to book out sessions for some of their older young carers.

But also, the charity has been able to purchase a good quality printer, which means that they can print all of the activities for the Young Carers themselves.

Due to the covid-19 situation over the last 18 months, The Dover smART charity have not able to run group activities, so instead they have been sending out to all of their clients regular Creative Care Packages,

With this new equipment, they are now able to enclose an activity sheet, which the charity can print themselves.

Having this new printer has meant that the charity no longer needs to use an external company, which will save the charity money, and can be used were it should be, supporting and helping their clients.

They have also purchased the GoPro camera, which enables the volunteers to record activities, which are have been shared with the children throughout the lockdowns, more importantly these activity recordings can be used to support future activities when all of the restrictions have been eased.

Also, the charity has been able to recently recruited a Social Media Influencer.

A lovely young lady, only 21, she has had a troubled past, been homeless and unemployed. Dover smART met her through one of their Creative Employment Courses

As you can see, and I quote from and email I have received from Laura at the Dover smART Trust “The support of the Old Dovorians Lodge is making a massive difference.”