Friendship’s that spans the decades

Friendship’s that spans the decades

Friendship’s that spans the decades

It is said that the definition of friendship can only exist by combining trust, support, communication, loyalty, understanding, and empathy.

On Sunday the 28th November, five Old Dovorians meet up in London for a little informal reunion, which in its self is not unusual.

However, in this particular case, what was unusual was that they had not seen each other since they left the College 46 years ago.

Within seconds, its was as if they had been transported back to there days at the College, the conversation was flowing with ease, the banter was in full swing, the nicknames were once again being used with affection, but the added magical ingredient was that all recounted the memories of their time at the College, particular their memories of playing rugby in the College 1st XV caught up with family news, as well as what we had all being doing since they last meet.

This all started when Phil Beck (S72 – 76) got in touch with Robert McAlpin (M71 – 76) to say that he was coming over from the States to visit his farther, and it would be great if they could meet up.

From there the word went out, and Adewale Otubushin (M71 -76) Anthony (Teddy) Nickalls (M70 – 75) and Ekachai (Tui) Thapthimthong   (S69 – 74) who also joined both Phil and Robert, for a very nice authentic Chinese meal (This was meant to be Thai, but that was not possible due to the kitchens of the establishment being closed).

There were a number of Old Dovorian’s who could not make it due to other commitments namely Phillip Slade – Betts (M70 – 75) Paul Pepera (S70 -75) and Richard (Piggy) Reinert (M70 – 75).

They are now talking about trying to arrange another get together and not leave it another 46 years…………..

This just shows that friendships built many years ago, can span the test of time, and last.

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