Old Dovorian Club – Overseas

Old Dovorian Club – Overseas

The Old Dovorian Club’s membership stretches across the world, it is a truly international old school club, with a network that spans over a 100 different countries.

As a result, you will find Old Dovorians in Europe, The Far East, Middle East, Australia, Africa, Asia, and in the Americas.

It is therefore not surprising that informal Old Dovorian Club groups have evolved, in places like Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia and the United States of America, to name just a few, all linked together by the common tread of been educated at Dover College.

If you are planning to travel overseas, and wish to either attend an Old Dovorian Club event , or simply wish to meet up with some Old Dovorians, formally or informally, in the country you are visiting.

Just like a group of Old Dovorians in Nigeria, who got together, or when a former master at College, meet up with some Old Dovorians, who are living in Singapore, or an informal get together In Australia, where a group of Old Dovorians got together, to enjoy each others company, to exchange stories of there time at the College.


Then please contact the Old Dovorian Club administrator at [email protected] who will be only to pleased to asst you in making direct contact with Old Dovorians, in the country you are visiting, or make direct contact with the event organiser as published in ‘event’ notification.

In either case you will be made most welcome, maybe renew old friendships and make new ones as well.


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