Old Dovorian Lodge

Old Dovorian Lodge

About Freemasonry

The Lodge comprises of ODs and non-ODs of all ages, races and creeds and gives them the opportunity to meet regularly. It meets four times a year in London and there is a dinner afterwards.  It also meets each summer in Dover, usually on a Saturday, dinning afterwards in the Refectory when guests may be invited and the Headmaster, other staff members and current senior pupils often attend.  This event provides a useful and enjoyable way of keeping in touch with the School and its developments.

The true origins of Freemasonry are lost in time. However, today’s Freemasons are no longer active stonemasons as they once were, particularly during the Middle Ages when many of the great European Cathedrals were being built.  In the 17th century, stonemasons’ lodges began to admit men who were not involved with their trade but were attracted by their strict code of morality.  Many distinguished men of that time, such as Sir Isaac Newton, Benjamin Franklin and William Hogarth, became Freemasons.  This tradition continued into the 20th century and notable Freemasons include HM George VI, Sir Winston Churchill, Sir Malcolm Campbell, Duke of Kent, Archbishop Geoffrey Fisher and Rudyard Kipling.

Freemasonry continues today to be a system of morality. It is emphatically not a religion nor a quasi-religious organisation.  At Lodge meetings, Freemasons enjoy a private environment, in which they are able to share a common bond based on the commitment each has made to live by three basic principles, Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth.

About The Old Dovorian Lodge

A unique relationship exists between the respective School Lodges of St Lawrence College (Old Lawrentian Lodge), Dover College (Old Dovorian Lodge) and Kings School Canterbury (The Cantuarian Lodge) in that the Old Lawrentian Lodge was established first and subsequently recommended and sponsored the Old Dovorian Lodge who in turn eventually sponsored The Cantuarian Lodge. Thus, the relationship between the three East Kent School Public School Lodges, with respective members once in vigorous competition on the playing fields, now in Brotherly co-operation in our individual and combined Masonic work. Historically, the Lodge was formed on Friday 29th January 1937. The Headmaster of Dover College, W S Lee was the first Initiate of the Lodge.

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    Dover & London, United Kingdom
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