Julia Triston (DCJS 78 – 79 & B79-84)

Julia Triston (DCJS 78 – 79 & B79-84)

Julia Triston (Belmont House 1979-1984)

Julia is a professional textile artist and educator. She exhibits and teaches her bespoke workshops and masterclasses throughout the world (in person and online), is the co-author of two popular books on Textile Art, and a selected member of the prestigious Textile Study Group.

Julia has a deep-rooted passion for contemporary textile art practice, and co-founded the international stitch school STITCHBUSINESS in 2006. She has also written an international syllabus on Fashion and Textiles.

A keen interest in material culture, and a deep curiosity about notions of identity and sustainability, inform Julia’s upcycled artworks, which she has exhibited globally. Her raw materials are predominantly old garments, vintage household textiles, uniforms and underwear. Julia deconstructs then reconstructs these textiles, often embroidering text upon their surfaces to highlight important social issues.

Julia’s work has been recorded by international and independent filmmakers, including her participation for Antony Gormley’s One and Other Project on the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square.

Julia relocated to Denmark in 2019 where her textile art practice is now based, you can also follow Julia via her website at www.juliatriston.com or on Instagram: julia_triston and Facebook: Julia Triston Textiles

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