Kidd Waya (L 07 – 11) Stars in Channel 4’s Documentary Called “Highlife”

Kidd Waya (L 07 – 11) Stars in Channel 4’s Documentary Called “Highlife”

Kidd Waya (L 07 – 11) Stars in Channel 4’s Documentary Called “Highlife”

Kidd Waya L07 – 11, is a member of the cast of this new Documentary called ‘Highlife’, with the first program in the series been aired on Channel 4 on Friday 10th September 2021 at 22.00 hrs

“Highlife” is a new mini-series documenting the lives of a group of ambitious and successful West African Brits (and their families) chasing their dreams of success and excellence in their industries.

Kidd is part of an amazing cast, who are emerging or prominent figures in music, fashion, sport, and creative industries.

OD Cricket Match at Maxton 25 07 2021 (48)

This series is an aspirational and authentic portrayal of British life through a totally distinct but utterly relatable lens.

Highlife will be co-produced by CR8TIVE ROW and Optomen and has been commissioned by Channel 4 for the ‘Black to Front’ season of programming.

Highlife will be overseen by award-winning music video director for Stormzy and Cardi B, CR8TIVE ROW CEO, Daps and BAFTA nominated Luti Fagbenle, plus Optomen’s co-CEOs Tina Flintoff and Nick Hornby

As part of the filling for this new mini-series, Kidd was accompanied by a film crew, when he came down to the College to play in the OD Club cricket match in July of this year.

Also there where interviews with Mr Rupert Hill (Staff 86 -21) as Mr Hill was one of Kidd’s teachers during his time at the College.

Andy Oyegoke, Kidd Waya’s publicist said;

“We are honoured to be at the forefront of the new UK TV series; Highlife that doesn’t stereotype black people and showcases the lives and loves of a group of ambitious, glamorous young British West Africans all chasing their own idea of success.

Kidd being a part of such an august selection of individuals is very deserving but also a great fit for this new style of docu-ality from Channel 4 produced by CR8TIVE ROW CEO Daps, BAFTA nominated Luti Fagbenle and Optomen’s co-CEOs Tina Flintoff and Nick Hornby co-produced with Google Pixel. In light of Black Lives Matter movement, it’s refreshing to see institutions not only recognise but actually commit to making changes and creating fresh perspectives which TV can play a huge part in.

Kidd being a multitalented brand ambassador, presenter, aspiring actor and emotion content creator is only just beginning his journey in breaking the mould by shifting mindsets in a world of preconceived notions which aligns beautifully with the new Channel 4 series, Highlife”.

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