Nausikaa Vassiliou (PoW 83 – 87)

Nausikaa Vassiliou (PoW 83 – 87)

Nausikaa Vassiliou, Prince of Wales House, 1983-1987

Nausikaa’s journey in ceramics began in 1990. Self-taught, her idea was to bring colour and design to everyday objects.

Nausikaa was deeply moved by ancient designs, such as from the Mayan, Minoan and Asian cultures, which she has incorporated into her art.

After a twenty year break to raise her daughters, she is happily back reviving her workshop of Idees. Ceramics are THE love of her life.

You can follow Nausikaa on social media as follows:
Instagram & TikTok: @idees_ceramics
Facebook: idees.ceramics

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