OD Club 5 Year Road Map 2020

The Old Dovorian Club Strategy Plan For The Future

During the later part of 2019 the Old Dovorian Club’s committee, decided to take an in depth review of what the perception of the OD Club within the Dover College community, within the Old Dovorian Club its self , and the wider community.

As a result of this review the following was found.

  • Lack of engagement with its members, particularly the younger members
  • Poor communications with the College community and its members
  • Not being relevant to its members or the College
  • What does the OD club offer ?
  • What does it do ?
  • Difficult to engage with
  • The committee is all retired – Old boys who just like to have a drink and reminisce.

As a result the OD Clun committee set about putting a strategy to address these point specifically, lead by the President of the OD Club.

As a result work commenced on putting together a 5 year road map to enable the OD Club to re engage with its members, to be relevant to all age groups of the membership, increase reengagement with the College, whilst at the same time review its management structures and organisation.

By the end of November 2020 the OD Club “5 year road map” for the futuer of the OD Club, had been completed, presented to the New Headmaster, and implemented.

This immediately had a positive impact, with the OD Club re establishing its whole communication strategy, creating its own stand alone website, social media platforms, and re introducing the “Dovorian News”.

All of which immediately started to enable all OD’s of different age groups to engage with each other, the OD Club and the College, which was of particular importance due to the Covid 19 pandemic of 2020 /21.

Also it immediately re established a new era of openness with the College, which could only be a good thing.

Within the “5 Year Road Map” the main focus is based around “6 Pillars”, which sit on 6 main “Building Blocks”

To find out more about the OD Club’s  “5 Year Road Map please follow the link below