OD Lodge Charity

The Old Dovorian Lodge and Charity

The Old Dovorian Lodge like many masonic lodges, raise funds for charitable causes and organisation, Nationally, locally, as well as charity’s that have either a special connection or meaning to the Lodge.

These donations, are collected by members setting up standing orders for amounts that they feel comfortable with, either into the Lodges Relief Chest, which is run by the Masonic Relief Chest at the United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE), or into a special charity account held by the Lodge.

Also donations are obtained via Alms collected at each lodge meeting, from raffle’s held at the festive board after the meetings, or during other masonic or non masonic events held by the Lodge.

Who receives the money donated ?

Each Worshipful Master, during his year in office, will chose a specific charity or number of charities to revive charitable donations, from the money raised during his year. This list of charity’s is called ‘The Masters List’

The Masters List is the Worshipful Masters choice, and is deiced by him alone, In the Old Dovorian Lodge, the Master’s List is supported from the Lodges Relief Chest.

Some lodges will run specific events or charitable activity with a specific charity in mind, which means that all moneys raised at these events go to that particular  charity.

Charity is not necessary measured by the amount of money that is raised, but can measured by donating time, for example during the Covid 19 pandemic, there have been a lot of instances, where lodge members have helped as volunteers delivering food supplies to vulnerable and shielded people within there local community, or supporting and helping veterans to access the help and support they need.

The Charitable activity’s of the lodge is managed and coordinated by the Lodges Charity Steward, this will included giving regular updates of on the charitable activities of the Lodge, including the charitable activities and news of there particular Provence the lodge comes under. In the case of the Old Dovorian Lodge, it comes under ‘The Metropolitan Grand Lodge’, being a ‘London’ Lodge.

The Master’s List for 2020 / 2021 

Dover College Bursary Fund

This fund is run by Dover College, which is the school that members of the lodge were ether educated at the College, or have a strong connection to the Dover College, This fund is set up to support and help with the cost of less well off pupils education at the College, who would otherwise not be able to attend and be educated at the College due to the cost of attendance

Dover smART  Project

Dover smART, is a local charity, that is based in a lovely secure building in the centre of Dover, near to Dover College.
smART works with a broad range of local groups, such as young carers, school groups, hospice patients and their families, the homeless, as well as those coping with mental issues.

Old Dovorian Lodge Charity News and Updates

If you wish to contact the Old Dovorian Lodge Charity Steward for more information about the lodges charitable activities, or make a donation to the Lodges Relief Chest, then email him by clicking hear >>>>

If you wish to make a donation to the Lodges Relief Chest, which is supporting the Dover Smart Project until 2022, then please click on the button marked “Donate to the OD Lodge Relief Chest “, and Quoting L5647 in the Lodge number box, and Old Dovorian Lodge in the Lodge Name box.

Thank you for your generosity and support