In Memory

In memory of the members of the Old Dovorian Lodge and their sons who gave their lives for our freedom during the Second World War.

  • 31st January 1940, Sgt. (Pilot) Derek Watson – Parker, RAFVR, (P33 – 36) OD, Younger son of W. Bro. George Watson – Parker, OD.
  • 13thJuly 1940, Sgt. (Pilot) Patrick Watson -Parker, RAFVR (P31 – 34) OD, Elder son of W. Bro. George Watson – Parker, OD.
  • 6th December 1941, Lt Anthony Edward Colliver, RTR, son of W. Bro. Colliver OD.
  • 17th September 1943, Bro. Fl. Lt. Gordon. Worsley. Bellis, RAFVR (P28 – 32) OD, Third Initiate of the Lodge
  • 7th July 1944, Bro. Capt. Peter Newson – Smith, RA (JS 23 – 28, S28 – 33) OD, Founding member of the lodge.

Whose names are duly recorded and honoured on the 1939 – 45 War Memorial, in the Dover College School Chapel, as well as on the Old Dovorian Lodge roll of honour, a permanent record of their supreme sacrifice.

‘Warrior stand down, your duty is done, stand easy’