Old Dovorian Club President and Chairman Meet The New Headmaster

Old Dovorian Club President and Chairman Meet The New Headmaster

Old Dovorian Club President and Chairman Meet The New Headmaster

Yesterday, Monday 17th August, the Old Dovorian Club President and Chairman had the great pleasure in welcoming Mr Simon Fisher the new Headmaster of Dover College and his young family personally on behalf of the Old Dovorian Club, which can be viewed on the OD Club’s Social media platforms.

There was a discussion around how the OD Club and College could mutually support each other, to build a new stronger relationship between us, and re capturing that special uniqueness of being educated at Dover College.

As a result, their has been identified a number of joint opportunities, that will not only be beneficial to the College and the Club, but also will help to establish a strong foundation for future mutual activities, benefits and understanding.

The delivery of a number of these opportunities, which have been identified, will unfortunately be dependent on the current and future restrictions being applied due to the Covid 19 pandemic, however it is important that you know that the club and the College are keen to get these opportunists underway as soon as appropriately possible.

The new term starts in 3 weeks time, and there is a lot of activity at the College in preparation for the new term, to ensure that the College is ready to welcome back all of the students to the College, after the enforced lock down.

In particular the new ‘Leo Wright Block’ – For those of us from the distant past, will remember it as ‘The Kent Block’, the refurbishment project is progressing well and will be complete ready for the start of the new term in September.

Finlay, The Old Dovorian Club would like to wish the new Headmaster and his family a very warm welcome, and we are sure that they well build many happy memories during there time at the College.


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  1. Daniel Dane

    Says September 14, 2020 at 1:11 pm

    My name is Daniel (DAN) Dane. I attended junior house with Tick Tock White, and then boarded at St Martins with Major Ewuart, until Dick Stride he took over. I left in 1953 to join RMA Sandhurst and graduated in 1955 to join 3rd Dragoon Guards. I was also “airborne” and served in the army until 1961, leaving from FVRDE for the regular reserve and civilian life.
    I entered the insurance industry and in 1965 became a Director of Abbey Life and in 1971 a founder and Director of Hambro Life.
    Following the IPO in 1976 I emigrated to the USA in 1977. In the meantime I had become a Governor of Dover College and a Master of the Old Dovorian Lodge.
    Unfortunetly whilst living in the US I caught “Legionnaires Disease”And was ill for many months-and was literally out of it for a very long time. I now live in Portugal. My cousin Mrs Nicola Baker sent me the Old Dovorian Club details and I thought I would take the opportunity to make contact again.
    Kind Regards
    Daniel Dane

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