A Teachers Memoirs of Dover College

A Teachers Memoirs of Dover College

A Teachers Memoirs of Dover College

Professor John Hearn who was on the teaching staff of Dover College from 1971 to 1974, before he left to take up a teaching post at South East Essex 6th Form College before he turned to University teaching, has very kindly shared some of his memories during his time at Dover College, during his time at Dover College he taught ‘A’ Level economics and Geography.

As part of his sixth form group economics experience, they were entered into two of three National competitions in which Dover College excelled.

One of these economics competitions was the ‘National Investment Game’ which Dover College won by putting all their nominal money into a gold company at a time that stock Markets were falling.

The two National Management Games run by ICL. The games were played over two terms of continuous gaming against several hundred teams, which saw wins by Dover College, such that they were in the last nine one year and second overall in a London final in the following year.

Professor John Hearn is currently a Visiting Professor at the London Institute of Banking and Finance where he has taught economics, banking and finance to undergraduates and postgraduates for 22 years. When I spoke to John he reminded me of the affection he holds for Dover College and the students that welcomed a raw graduate straight from University (Oxford). For those interested he now has two series of lectures on economics, banking and finance on YouTube: search johnhearn.


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