Old Dovorian Germany Group

Berin (2)

The Old Dovorian Club’s membership stretches across the world, it is a truly international old school club, with a network that spans over a hundred different countries.

As a result, you will find Old Dovorians in Europe, the Far East, the Middle East, Australia, Africa, Asia, and in the Americas.


We are delighted to share that Yannick Wuest (S 2015) has agreed to lead the Old Dovorian Club satellite in Germany and to be a point of contact if ODs wish to connect, whether they’re visiting, or live in Germany or a neighbouring country.

Yannick is keen to meet up with ODs for social events; either for drinks or dinner.  He is also a keen footballer and hopes to return to Dover College, to play in OD football tournaments.

If you would like to contact Yannick, please email [email protected]