Old Dovorian Lodge 2022 Summer Festival

Old Dovorian Lodge 2022 Summer Festival

Old Dovorian Lodge 2022 Summer Festival

On the anniversary of Lodge’s 85th year since its consecration, as well as celebrating the 75th anniversary of the first ever Lodge meeting to be held at Dover College, the Old Dovorian Lodge held its “Summer Festival” on Saturday 4th June 2022 at Dover College

A number of members and there guests meet for what has now become a bit of a tradition, lunch at Cullins Yard, prior to the start of the Festival events, after which the Worshipful Master, the Charity Steward of the Lodge, accompanied by a number of lodge members visited the “Dover smArt project”, which the Lodge has been supporting through the “Master’s charity list”, which has to date given support total of £4000.00 to help buy IT equipment to enabled there young careers to access information and support, as well as helping them with there schooling, particularly during the recent pandemic.

After which the lodge held a Lodge meeting at the Dover Masonic Hall, were the Worshipful Master, and members of the Old Dovorian Lodge extend a warm welcome to the Assistant Provincial Grand Master of East Kent, the Provincial Grand Secretary of East Kent as well as to their guests at this year’s Summer Festival, which was held in Dover.

The lodges guests who did not attend the meeting, had a very informative historical tour of Dover College, which was followed by afternoon tea held in the College Cloisters.

Later on, the members of the Lodge and their invited guests all assemble for a Champagne Reception in the Colleges Refectory, this was then followed by the “Summer Festival Dinner” in the Refectory, which is one of the oldest working refectories in England; dating back to the 12th Century.

The Worshipful Master welcome all to the Festival Dinner, which was attended by 48 members of the lodge and their guests, as well as the Assistant Provincial Grand Master, accompanied by the Provincial Grand Secretary, and distinguished Metropolitan Grand Lodge Officers.

The standard of service and meal from the catering department of the College was noted, on and duly acknowledged by the Worshipful Master and those present at the Festival Dinner.

After the Festival Dinner, a number of lodge members and their guests then retired to the “Best Western Hotel and Spar”, formally known as the “White Cliffs of Dover” for a night cap to round off a very enjoyable 2022 Lodge Summer Festival.

If you wish to find our more about the Old Dovorian Lodge or wish to attend a Lodge meeting, please contact the Lodge Secretary via email at [email protected] or visit the lodges web page via the link button below.

The events of the day, have been captured within this picture video below, so please have a look, and maybe you will join us at the 2023 Lodge Summer Festival.

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