Old Dovorian Lodge By Laws



(March 2008)


The Lodge is established primarily for the benefit of those educated at or connected with Dover College and those primarily eligible for membership are:

  1. Old Dovorians
  2. Masters and Officers of Dover College, past and present
  3. Governors of Dover College

Those otherwise connected with Dover College or Old Dovorians


1, Place, Dates of Meetings and Ritual

The Lodge shall meet at the Freemasons’ Hall, Great Queen Street, London,  WC2B 5AZ and shall hold regular meetings on: the first Tuesday of February, April, October and December at such an hour as the Master shall direct. The Ritual shall be that as published by the Emulation Lodge of Improvement.

2, Elections and Installation Meeting

The Master and the Treasurer shall be elected by Ballot at the regular meeting in December. The Master Elect shall be Installed at the regular meeting in February. Two members to serve on the Lodge Standing Committee and two Account Examiners shall be elected at the regular meeting in December.

3, Election of Tyler

Subject to the provisions of Rule 113, Book of Constitutions, the Tyler shall be elected by show of hands at the regular meeting in December.

4, Lodge Committee

The Lodge Committee shall consist of the Master, Wardens, Past Masters of and in the Lodge, Treasurer, Secretary and two members (as elected in 2). This Committee shall consider and report to the Lodge on proposals for membership and on any matters specially referred to it by the Lodge. Five members of the Committee shall form a quorum.

5, Audit Committee and Annual Accounts

The Audit Committee shall consist of two members of the Lodge as elected in (2) above. The Accounts shall be made up to 31st December in each year and be presented to the Lodge, duly audited, at the regular meeting in April.

6, Fees and Annual Subscription

The Initiation fee shall be £75, the Joining and Re-Joining fees shall £35, Fees shall include those sums the Candidate shall pay to the Lodge in respect of any Grand Lodge and Metropolitan Grand Lodge of London Registration fees together with any tax thereon.

The annual subscription due and payable in advance on 1st January shall be of such amount as the Lodge shall from time to time decide by resolution after Notice on the summons at the previous regular meeting. Any Brother whose subscription is unpaid for 9 months shall be liable to be excluded from the Lodge, after due notice, in accordance with Rule 181 Book of Constitutions

The Secretary’s services shall be deemed equivalent to payment of subscription. The dining fee for members and visitors shall be such amount as to defray the expense of the meal and shall be advised with each summons prior to the meeting.

7, Country Membership

Any member who, for reasons acceptable to the Lodge, is not in a position to enjoy the privileges of the Lodge regularly may on written application to the Secretary and by resolution of the Lodge be considered a country member and shall pay a subscription annually in advance on 1st January of such less amount than that provided for in By-Law No. 6 as the Lodge shall from time to time decide by resolution after notice on the summons at the previous regular meeting. When attending the Lodge and dining such member shall pay the current dinning fee.

8, Admission of Candidates

The admission of Candidates for Initiation and Joining shall be regulated by the provisions of Rules 157 to 166, BOC. In the Ballot for a Candidate for Initiation or Joining, two negative votes shall exclude.

9, Termination of membership

Any member wishing to terminate his membership of the Lodge shall tender his resignation in writing to the Secretary, or orally in open Lodge (Rule 183 BOC). He shall be entitled to the Certificate as in Rule 175 BOC, stating the circumstances of which he left the Lodge. Should he at any time wish to rejoin the Lodge he shall be subject to the rules relating to joining members.

10, Funds

Lodge funds shall be paid into a bank account in the name of the Lodge. The Treasurer shall defray all Lodge expenses and he shall sign, along with another nominated Brother, if two signatures are required, on all cheques of the Lodge.

Payment of any sum exceeding £100 if for other than ordinary purposes may be made only by resolution of the Lodge. Notice of which must be given on the summons, except in the case of an emergency when such payment may be authorised by the Master and reported to the Lodge at the next regular meeting.

11, Lodge Charity Relief Chest

Charitable and Benevolence monies shall be deposited in the Lodge Charity  Relief Chest under the direction of the Treasurer and Lodge Relief Chest   Representative. Donations and payments from the Chest may only be by resolution of the Lodge, notice of which must be given on the summons, except in the case of an emergency when such payment may be authorised by the Master and reported to the Lodge at the next regular meeting.

12, Lodge Property

The Secretary shall keep an inventory of items owned by the Lodge. The property of the Lodge shall be insured by the Lodge with a responsible Insurance Office against `all-risks’.

13, Honorary membership

The Lodge, shall have power, in accordance with Rule 167, BOC, to elect as Honorary Members any brethren whom the Lodge may desire to honour.

14, Amendment of By-Laws

Except as otherwise required by Rule 141, BOC, notice of amendment of these By­ Laws may only be made in writing stating the precise amendment or amendments. The Motion shall be set out in the summons for the next regular meeting or for an Emergency Meeting summoned for the purpose, when it shall be voted upon in open Lodge.

A resolution for amendment, of which notice shall have been given as aforesaid, shall be carried if a majority of the member’s present vote in favour of it; but it shall not be effective until approved by the Metropolitan Grand Master.

Approved by the M.W. Metropolitan Grand Master.                         

26th January 2007.                    Metropolitan Grand Secretary.


Should there be any objection to the introduction of a Candidate for Initiation, or a Brother for joining, it is recommended that such objection be mentioned privately to the Master or Secretary who may communicate with the proposer and give him the opportunity of   withdrawing his Candidate.

N.B. – The numbers of the Rules in the Book of Constitutions given above are as they appear in the 2003 Edition.



Any member accepting an  invitation to act as a Lodge Officer should only accept that Office if he is prepared to commit  himself to attending Lodges of Instruction  and Rehearsal and the meetings during the year of his Office to the best of his endeavours. Without  that  commitment difficulties can occur for the Lodge generally and particularly if that Office is one of progression.