Paromita Sanatani D75 -76 & B76 -80, Interviewed on Bulgarian TV

Paromita Sanatani D75 -76 & B76 -80, Interviewed on Bulgarian TV

Recently Paromita Sanatani ( D/B 1975 – 80) appeared on Bulgarian TV  on a 5 minute weekend  slot called ‘The new Bulgarians’ about foreigners that have settled long term in Bulgaria, what they are doing here and what they love about Bulgaria.

Paromita, born in India to a German mother and Bengali father, came to Bulgaria 28 years ago and is still here to this day. Although born in India, she has also lived in Austria and the UK. When the building recession hit the UK in 1991, she gave up her job as an Interior Designer and went travelling hoping to find a husband ……

Paromita said  in the interview that “In fact it was a short term job in tourism that brought me here and finally I found someone who wanted to marry me (laughter). Even after 28 years I do not feel Bulgarian but I understand Bulgarians and am able to explain why things in Bulgaria are the way they are.”

She then went on to talk about how through her work she tells people about Bulgaria, explains the Orthodox traditions and that for her the amazing, gold treasures (including the oldest processed gold in the world) in the museums are far more exciting than churches and monasteries and something Bulgaria should really be proud of.

Paromita then goes onto say ” I want only the best for Bulgaria. Every day I wake up in gratitude that I am living in this beautiful country. Things might be tough at the moment and we may not have all the answers, but I truly believe that there is a greater force at work and if we are open to change it will surely be for the better.”

To see the full interview – the interview is conducted as you would expect in Bulgarian, then please follow the link below.

Paromita is a renowned author and publisher, if you wish to find out more about her and what she has been doing since leaving Dover College then please follow this link to read her biography on the Old Dovorian Club website


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