The New President of the Old Dovorian Club

The New President of the Old Dovorian Club

The New President of the Old Dovorian Club

The Old Dovorian Club New President,

Mrs Margo Mayhew (nee Jones) D76 – 81

At the forthcoming Old Dovorian Club’s AGM, the Old Dovorian Club will be electing Mrs Margo Mayhew (nee Jones) D76 – 81 as its new President.

The President of the Old Dovorian Club is an Old Dovorian who has been selected by their predecessor, approved by the Old Dovorian Club Committee, before being formally elected as President at the Old Dovorian Club’s AGM.

The Presidency of the Old Dovorian Club is a two year post, during which time the President is the “Figure Head” of the Old Dovorian Club, and plays an important part in the running and development of the Old Dovorian Club during their time as President.

At the AGM after they have been elected as President, they will lay out the focus for their Presidency, for example Rear Admiral S Charlier, CBE. FRAeS (S71 -76) during his term as President, his focus was “To improve and develop stronger relationships within the College”.  The outgoing President, Mr R McAlpin (M71 – 76), during his Presidency focused on building and improving Communications within the Club and the wider Dover College community”

At the AGM on Sunday 25th July Mrs Margo Mayhew, will become the first Lady President of the Old Dovorian Club in its 134 year history, and will duly lay out her focus for her Presidency, which will be looking at the Social side of the Old Dovorian Club.

This has a particular poignancy, as Dover College was one of the first English Public Schools to admit Girls across all age groups in 1975, over 45 years ago.

Mr Robert McAlpin M71 – 76 the outgoing President, said “This is a fantastic appointment for the Old Dovorian Club, which is long overdue in my opinion. This shows that the Old Dovorian Club is now moving forward and properly engaging and representing all parts of the Old Dovorian Club Community”.

Introducing the Old Dovorian Club’s new President

Margo Mayhew (nee Jones)

Dover College 1976 – 1981 (Duckworth House)

During her time at the College, Margo was in the choir, took piano and singing lessons, was a member of the Debating Society and was a House Prefect in the VI Form.

Margo’s career has included:  Tutor in Business Administration and IT, Exec PA to CEO, TEFL Tutor, Internal & External Verifier and Assessor at a Training Organisation.  She worked at Pfizer for 11 years where she worked as a Marketing Assistant, sat on the Innovation Board and managed Internal Comms for Local Marketing.  She currently works for the NHS.

Margo has done charity work for Widows Rights International.  Her strengths are networking, logistics and communications.  She has a ‘can-do’ attitude, is a team player and seeks solutions using her interpersonal skills, efficiency, creativity and sense of humour.


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