The OD Lodge Meets Again After UGLE Suspension Is Lifted

The OD Lodge Meets Again After UGLE Suspension Is Lifted

The OD Lodge Meets Again After UGLE Suspension Is Lifted

The Old Dovorian Lodge 332nd Regular Meeting

On Tuesday the 6th October, The Old Dovorian Lodge  finally meet at freemasons Hall in London,  after the April meeting was cancelled due the Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England, The Duke of Kent  issued a suspension of all masonic activities as a direct response to the Covid 19 pandemic.

3 members, plus an honoury member and a guest duly meet, in line with HM Government’s and UGLE restrictions of no more that 6 are allowed to meet.

The Lodge was duly opened, but before the lodge started to under take the business of the meeting, those present stood in silence to remember Brother Abiodun Otubushin who passed away on the 31st March 2020 as a result of the Covid 19 pandemic.

Once the lodge had payed there respects, the lodge conducted the business as outlined within the Lodge summons, which had been previously issued to all of the members of the Lodge.

When the Worshipful Master had closed the lodge in peace and harmony, those present, then retired to take refreshment after labour, which all those present enjoyed, as it was really good to meet again up face to face to have a chat and catch up on what each had been doing since we March of this year.

The next regular Lodge meeting, will be held at Freemason Hall on Tuesday 1st December 2020, for further information about the next meeting or about the Old Dovorian Lodge, please either visit our webpage at ,  or contact the Lodge secretary via email at [email protected]


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