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Old Dovorian CV and Interviewing Support

The Old Dovorian Club is putting its efforts into helping ODs who are in various stages of their journey, whether they’re in college, just finished an apprenticeship, or recently left the College and are looking to jump into the job market. 

As such, the club is working alongside a professional company, the James Innes Group, which has been around since 1998.

This group has a team of over 100 digital nomads, led by James Innes, and they specialize in personal branding and career services. They’re experts in areas like crafting a professional CV, sprucing up LinkedIn profiles, and composing compelling cover letters. Their goal is to help you secure that all-important job interview by assisting with application forms and personal statements.


Once you’ve got the interview lined up, they also offer one-on-one coaching with experienced interview coaches. So, what’s the main aim of this collaboration between the Club and the James Innes Group? It’s all about changing the lives of ODs for the better. They believe that by enhancing personal branding, they can make a positive impact on the world, one step at a time, by ensuring that the most qualified individuals get the opportunities they truly deserve.


James Innes, the person behind the group, has a personal connection with several Old Dovorians, which helps him understand what matters to them and the ethos of the Old Dovorian Club worldwide. So, how can the James Innes Group assist you? The OD Club has arranged a special deal for ODs. This package primarily focuses on polishing your CV and optimizing your LinkedIn profile. You can contact them using this link: James Innes Group – Professional CV/Resume Writers Since 1998  and use the code ODC15S to get a 15% discount.

Furthermore, you’ll gain exclusive access to the “James Innes Group” FREE CV review service through this link: Free CV Review.