The Old Dovorian Club

'The Old Dovorian Club is For Old Dovorians, Run by Old Dovorians Since 1887 '.

The Old Dovorian Club was founded in 1887 and since then the Club has grown into a community of over 5000 members worldwide, where Old Dovorians gather regularly and stay in touch with each other, be it informal get togethers or in a more formal gathering.

The objective of the Club is to maintain contact between past, present and future pupils of Dover College, through fostering friendships amongst its members, and the wider Old Dovorian and school community.

The Old Dovorian Club also supports a number of different Club groups and Club activities, which are there for the benefit of its members.

The Club fields a number of sports teams who play against the College, particularly through the Old Dovorian Golf Society, as well as in the more traditional sports against local sporting clubs within Kent throughout the year, this is in addition to hosting its annual London cocktail party in mid-January at the RAF Club in Piccadilly.

The Old Dovorian Club also supports a number of Old Dovorian Club satellites around the world, for example in Hong Kong, Africa, Singapore and the USA, as well as local area OD Groups, like the Old Dovorian Club Kent Group and the Cranleigh group here in the UK, who organise both formal and informal gatherings throughout the year.

To help keep its members informed of what is happening at the College, The Old Dovorian Club issues a news publication called the 'Dovorian News'. This publication comes out one a year, however, there have been occasions when additional publications have been published, which are emailed out to all of its members, as well as being published on the Club’s various digital platforms.

The purpose of this is to keep the members connected with each other, as well as to the Old Dovorian Club.

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“With our global network supporting and connecting Old Dovorians, both hear in the UK and around the world, there are many ways that Old Dovorians can enjoy each other’s company, keep in touch, and building new friendships, united by a common unbreakable thread of being Old Dovorians.”

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