“The President of the Old Dovorian Club Award”

“The President of the Old Dovorian Club Award”

“The President of the Old Dovorian Club Award”

In 2022 the Old Dovorian Club created “The President of the Old Dovorian Club Award” which is an award that can only be given once during a Presidents term of office, this award is for the propose of making available a sum of money, which has been agreed by the OD Club committee, to a current pupil of Dover College who has not been opted out of becoming a life member of the OD Club by their parents or guardians.

Lemons Film Prodcution 2023.1 (3)

The purpose of the Award is to support an opportunity to further the pupil’s development in a specific area of their choice, which otherwise could not have been achieved if financial support was not otherwise available.

In 2022 Louise Wallace, who has just stepped down as one of the Head Girl’s of the College, had an opportunity to be part of the “Young Filmmakers Academy summer camp”, Louise was selected to take part in “Project Paradiso” as part of the camera crew on location in Sicily during the spring of  this year (2023).

This was an extraordinary opportunity for Louise, who was one of only 20 students selected for this project out of a total of 15,000 applicants.

To enable this project to go ahead, Louise had to raise £3,500 towards the costs, which is why the OD Club supported her financially to the sum of £500 to cover a proportion of her costs, enabling her to take part in this amazing experience and opportunity to further her passion in film making.

The Old Dovorian Club has just received an up date from Project Paradiso, who are delighted to announce two big pieces of news:

Firstly, “Lemons” has won Best Student Film at the “Madonie Film Festival’s Sicilian Film Awards”, and secondly that “Lemons” has also been accepted into a “UK film festival”, but there is currently an embargo on sharing any further news at this point, so watch this space for further updates as soon as the embargo is lifted!

Lemons Film Prodcution 2023.2 (2)

Many congratulations Louise, on your achievements and good luck for the future as a film maker.

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