A Letter from Our Man In Mexico

A Letter from Our Man In Mexico

A Letter from Our Man In Mexico

A letter from Mexico by Alberto Sanchez (L11 – 15)

I hope this email finds you well. As an Old Dovorian, I cherish my time at Dover College, which significantly shaped my journey. I am reaching out with an idea and some exciting updates.

Firstly, I am eager to contribute to the Old Dovorian community by establishing a Latin American Hub if that is of interest of course. This initiative could foster connections between Old Dovorians in Latin America, the United States, and Canada through various events and gatherings. I believe my experience and network in this region can be instrumental in realizing this vision.

Additionally, I wanted to share some personal projects I am passionate about. Soon, I’ll be launching a weekly blog detailing my life in Mexico, preparations for fatherhood, and my efforts in setting up a foundation in Aguascalientes. This foundation aims to support children, the elderly, and vulnerable individuals needing wheelchairs. I am thrilled about these endeavours and would love to keep the Old Dovorian community informed and involved.

Furthermore, I am currently writing a novel – a collection of short stories focused on characters from diverse backgrounds, each grappling with unique challenges in their native lands. I am open to any inspiration or insights you might have for this literary project.

What a day it was on April 29th, 2023! Our wedding took place in the quaint town of Cadereyta, Queretaro, Mexico, right in the heart of a charming Catholic Church and a picturesque vineyard. Talk about a unique twist – the town was buzzing with a biker convention that weekend. Quite the coincidence, huh?


The evening was a lively mix of reggaeton, Mexican cocktails (Cantaritos were a hit!), and lots of dancing. Both of my grandmothers shared the waltz with me, and my wife had her special moment dancing with her dad. As the night rolled on, we were treated to spectacular fireworks show and some foot-tapping tunes from a regional Norteño Band.

Our wedding theme was ‘Mexican Rustic,’ and trust me, we lived up to it, dancing till the early hours of the morning. Matt Walsh (L11 – 13), my best buddy from Dover College, was there, busting out some serious moves, and Lucy Walsh got her first real taste of Mexico.

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