The Old Dovorian Club London 2024 Cocktail Party

The Old Dovorian Club London 2024 Cocktail Party

The Old Dovorian Club London 2024 Cocktail Party

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OD Club and the first Annual London Dinner was held on 12 January 1888, and is the precursor of the Old Dovorian Club annual London Cocktail Party which was initially held as well as the Annual London Dinner until the latter was discontinued in the latter half the 20th century, the last London Dinners being held at the Public Schools Club in Piccadilly.

The OD annual Cocktail Party continued as was held for many years at Brown Shipley Merchant Bank in the City of London where an OD was a Director before moving to the Bank of England in the early 1980s where an OD was a Principal and later that century to its current home at the Royal Air force Club in Piccadilly where a retired OD Group Captain was a member.

It has continued there to date thanks to other ODs who were officers in the RAF and members of the Club. This historic event continues the traditions of those OD Club Members of the 1880s.

So, once again on Friday 19th January 2024, the Old Dovorian Club were once again welcomed to the RAF Club to hold this long standing prestigious Club event in London.


This year did not disappoint, and was well attended by a wide range of OD’s from different year groups, despite the current “Cost of Living Crises”, those who attended had a wonderful time making new friends, and renewing old friendships united by the common bond of been a pupil at Dover College

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