New Year Message from the ODGS Captain

New Year Message from the ODGS Captain

New Year Message from the ODGS Captain

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Captain’s 2024 New Year Message

May I apologise for the delay in sending out my new year greeting, however given the events of the past few weeks in relation to the new College OD Association and the OD Club, I have been using the time in an attempt to understand the implications for our Golf Society. From my discussions so far, I have spoken at length with Robert, and it is important to recognise the OD Club’s efforts to secure and maintain contact with OD’s and the excellent support it has provided to our Golf society over the past 60 years. However, it is clear the College wishes to try a new approach, and as such we must support the College in its new endeavours. Just like we will continue to support the OD Club in it’s efforts to communicate with ODs everywhere.

It is clear that if we continue to do what we have always done we will always get the same result, and if we are to secure a younger audience occasionally then we need the help of the College and the new Association.

In reality our ‘Target Market’ to use a marketing term, are those who have now reached their fifty’s & sixties who can afford time off from their work and family commitments to try a round of golf with us. To that end we must also thank Jack Fuller who has been working with the College on this very objective.

I am sure we will see more communication from both the OD Association and the OD Club over the course of the Year.

In the meantime, we have some exciting fixtures to play, including I hope with the College itself. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Philip Barry for his work last year as our ODSG Treasurer. For my sins I have also assumed the role of ODGS Honorary Treasurer as a result of which you may receive just one or two additional emails from me over the year to help me collect your subscriptions. Nigel Tubman has very kindly volunteered to help me in this capacity by acting as a second signatory/compliance officer for our ODGS Bank account. I would also like to thank Michael and Nigel for their time last year in expanding my knowledge and history of the ODGS.

My final aim is to persuade those existing members who for one reason or another might have had alternative diary commitments in 2023 to participate in at least ONE of our very relaxed events.

I am again reminded of the Article published by the OD Club for our Golf society….

“Our hope is that you have fun, enjoy the day, and want to return for more.”

Many thanks and take care.


Gilbert Thompson, ODGS Captain

The ODGS Captain, Gilbert, would very much like to hear from anyone who is interested in joining ODGS members in a round of golf, If that’s of interest, then please email Gilbert via this LINK .to find out more information about the ODGS

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