The Old Dovorian Club Join AROPS, & Are Accredited To The ICO

The Old Dovorian Club Join AROPS, & Are Accredited To The ICO

The Old Dovorian Club Join AROPS, & Are Accredited To The ICO

It is with great pleasure that the Old Dovorian Club committee are please to announce that The OD Club is now a member of The Schools’ Alumni Association (AROPS) and are now accredited by The Information Commissioners Office (ICO).

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Who are the Schools’ Alumni Association (AROPS)

Today, AROPS – The Schools’ Alumni Association is a non-political, not-for-profit organisation that promotes the exchange of best practice, create ideas and thought leadership in alumni engagement for professionals and volunteers working in independent and state schools, both in the UK and overseas. AROPS was founded in 1971 by Mike Comer of the Old Johnians, St John’s School, Leatherhead where we will hold our 50th anniversary Conference in 2021.

What does The Schools’ Alumni Association (AROPS) Do?

AROPS hold a number of Conferences which always opened by the Head of the host school, and we invite a guest to speak about a relevant top of current interest to members, Breakout or plenary sessions are held before and after lunch. These cover topical areas such as data management and GDPR, social media planning, reaching young alumni, maximising event attendance, measuring impact and working with the development team.

AROPS  run successful informal Regional Meetings in member schools for a number of years. Meeting agendas are set by attendees. An AROPS representative facilitates discussions and updates members on current trends and issues impacting alumni engagement. Members can share concerns, gain invaluable advice, and generate new ideas and solutions in a supportive and friendly environment.

AROPS also send out regular newsletters which are sent out by email, while the AROPS Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn allow members to network electronically

Benefits of being a member of AROPS for the Old Dovorian Club ?

AROPS – The Schools’ Alumni Association provide a forum for the Old Dovorian Club to exchange best practice in all aspects of alumni engagement, and provides opportunities for volunteers and professionals to network, learn and share these ideas.

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Who are the ICO?

The Information Commissioner is the UK’s independent regulator for Data Protection and Freedom of Information, with key responsibilities under the Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA) and Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOIA), as well as a range of other related legislation. As set out in the DPA, the Information Commissioner is a Corporation Sole.

What does ICO do?

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) is the UK’s data protection watchdog charged with enforcing a host of laws that regulate communications, networking and data protection. The ICO is responsible for the regulation of freedom of information and protection of personal data. Its mission is to uphold information rights in the public interest by offering guidance to citizens and organisations, rulings on eligible complaints, and by taking appropriate action when the law is broken.

Benefits of an ICO Certificate for the Old Dovorian Club ?

Below are three benefits to your business of an ICO certificate.

1. Positive Impact on Reputation

Displaying an ICO certification logo on our website helps demonstrate the Old Dovorian Club is commitment to safely handling data. This is a particular benefit to our online presence when some members of the OD Club may be wary of entering their personal details onto our website or when registering or updating personal details into the OD Club on line register.

2. Mitigation of Risk

Having ICO certification can help to show that the Old Dovorian Club has an active and ongoing intent to comply with data protection rules fully. This is particularly useful in the event of any future ICO investigation. Here, the Old Dovorian Club can put forward the ICO certification as proof of the Old Dovorian Club valuing compliance with data protection law.

 3. Reduced Likelihood of an ICO Fine

The ICO can fine businesses and organisations in England up to £17.5m for any breach of the GDPR and is not shy about delivering severe fines even if your may legitimately struggle to pay it.

Therefore, it is essential to be aware that having an appropriate ICO certificate can help reduce or avoid an ICO fine if the ICO decides that a business or organisation has breached data protection principles. Given that a potential fine could be in the tens of thousands, even a small percentage deduction could make a massive difference.

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