Duncan Ellerington (Staff 02 – 18)

Duncan Ellerington – Staff – 2002 – 2018

Duncan Ellerington – ex-Deputy Head/Head of Science/Physics Teacher at Dover College 2002-2018 (with Mai, Pearl and Cliffs). The Science Building now bears his name.

Duncan Ellerington left Dover College in 2018 to re-ignite his artistic career. A Royal College of Art graduate who achieved success in London in the 80’s has now established himself again with exhibitions locally and in London. He has work in collections in New York, Italy and the National Collection in Scotland.

He has developed a technique inspired by Japanese Calligraphy and Turner using watercolour and gouache on specialist papers in books that he makes himself. The paintings are inspired by the wonderful Dover and East Kent landscapes, especially at Broadlees Farm in Dover that overlooks the Channel

His website is www.duncanelleringtonart.com or Instagram #duncanelleringtonart. No painting is exceptionally large because all are painted outside in front of the landscape, never in a studio.

Physics and Art – The same thing.

Works: below are a selection of watercolours. They take about 20 minutes to complete but remember, the Landscape changes quicker than that.